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Dr. Romi Burks, Chair of the Animal Behavior Program 2006-2009

About the Program: The major in Animal Behavior is an interdisciplinary program offered by the departments of Biology and Psychology. Because the Animal Behavior program is taught from the perspectives of Biology and Psychology, students learn first-hand how two different disciplines can combine for a greater understanding of behavior. Through coursework and independent research, students learn how to study behavior and address proximate questions of behavior in the laboratory under tightly controlled conditions. In addition, students also learn how ethologists and behavioral ecologists study behavior in field-based experiments to address ultimate questions of behavior. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate programs in animal behavior, animal learning, behavioral ecology, behavioral neuroscience, ecology, neuroscience, and veterinary science. Students seeking admission to veterinary school are advised to obtain clinical experience and a BS in AB. The AB Program at Southwestern continues to be developed and we hope to have future resources available on this page. However, if you have any questions about the AB Program, please email Dr. Burks, Program Chair.


Current Students 



Classes Required for Animal Behavior Major:

  • Intro to Animal Behavior (1) and Animal Behavior (3)
  • 1st year of Biology (8) and 1st year of Chemistry (8)
  • Statistics(3)
  • Introduction to Pyschology (3) and Research Methods (6)
  • Evolution(4)
  • Choose 2* (8 hours) from: Ecology, Compartative Vertebrate Morphology, Endocrinology, Organ Physiology or Invertebrate Ecology
  • Learning(3)
  • Choose (3 hours): Development Pyschology or Sensory and Perception
  • Neuroscience(3)
  • Research Hours (6)
  • Recommendation of Ethics
    Note that the above serves as requirements for a BA, the BS Degree requires a year of ALL the NSD sequences (i.e. add Physics and 1 more semester of math) and an additional NSD upper level.

    AB also Offers a Minor (min of 22 hours)
  • Stats(3) and Intro to Pysch (3)
  • Biodiversity (2) and Genetics & Evolution (2)
  • Animal Behavior (3)
  • 9 more hours (most likely including Research Methods & 1-2 upper level courses mentioned above)

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