• Recently, I also given two professional seminars regarding chocolate:
  • 1. Broad seminar based on my class entitled "The Wonders of Chocolate" PDF Wonders

  • 2. New talk on "The Light and Dark Side of Chocolate Buying" PDF Chocolate Buying
    Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in sponsoring a talk and/or tasting event. References can be provided upon request.

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    Continue to read below about how I became a self-taught chocolate "scholar":

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    Chocolate as my new hobby

    My Chocolate story:

    The Houston Chronicle and Austin American Statesman

      Newspaper Article (Photo Ha Lam): I have found that everyone has a chocolate story to share. My chocolate tastes used to be limited to mainly Snickers bars until my travels for research sent me to northern Europe, esp. Belgium and Denmark. During this time, I gained an appreciation for really dark chocolate, from grocery store brands to specialty shops. Before traveling, I had the idea to use American candy bars to teach biological concepts. During my stay in Belgium while surrounded by chocolate, I wrote an article about my idea and the foundation for a whole seminar about chocolate started to set. Read the complete story.

    News 8 Austin (video)

    Video: From 2004 to 2007, I read different books on chocolate and tried to develop a sense for how chocolate could be used a model to explore different disciplines that you find at a small liberal arts college such as Southwestern. You can hear me talk about it in this News 8 Austin video by Paul Brown (just click on the picture and the video will start). Fall 2007 brought the first multidisciplinary FYS on chocolate which I will repeat in Fall 2011.

    Fox News 7 also did a piece in 2008 featuring SU students

    Syllabus: The Chronicle of Higher Education

     Academic Profile: You can download the syllabus for the course. Or, read about the details in an article from The Chronicle of Higher Education (requires subscription).

    More Chocolate Info
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