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  • Pictures (09/09) to the Everglades with Matt Trawick, Vanessa Toro & Alexis Kropf:
    Southwestern students can take research hours for upper level academic credit (4 hours = 1 upper level bio class + lab). In the beginning, many students start working in the lab as technicians. The wage starts as minimal....but the experience helps students to learn how the research process works. The tasks vary from basic lab clean-up to even contributing to data collection.

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    Undergraduates Currently Working in the Lab of Dr. Burks:

    2011 New Researchers (2nd row): Photos and bios coming soon!
    Tracy Day '12

    Brandon O'Connor '12

    Allyson Plantz '11

    Katie Gibson '12

    Kevin Burge '12

    Manuel Ortegon '11

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