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    (Science and Math Achiever Teams) -
    A Civic Engagement Project

    This outreach experience pairs a Southwestern student one-on-one with a 3rd, 4th or 5th grader within the Extended School Enrichment Program (ESE) to conduct a process of inquiry in math and science. Pairs then spend 9 weeks investigating a question of their own interest.
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    Each semester, the SMArT (Science Math and Achiever Teams) Program seeks to involve 10-12 Southwestern students (from any discipline, although largely recruited from the sciences) and 10-12 community students for 9-weeks. Each pair one college student & one community student) meets on Mondays afternoons for 1 hour after school to work together on a project of scientific inquiry. Although some emphasis would be placed on ecological projects, teams will have the flexibility to investigate whatever inspires them about science. The inquiry is "question-based," but not necessarily hypothesis-driven. The outcome will be an Achievement Party (see Gallery below) where each of the teams share their work with the group and the community. SU students will also have the opportunity to discuss their experience working with students. Our first partner has been Williams Elementary and now we have partnered with Cooper Elementary

    SMArT represents a joint venture between Dr. Romi Burks & Director Suzy Pukys, Office of Civic Engagement. As part of these efforts, we have also designed a credit hour experience that students can take as part of their Southwestern experience. First-time "SMArTies" receive a lower-level credit hour (UST-001) and returning mentors can earn an upper level hour (UST-301).

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    Check out the galleries here: 2007 & 2008 SMArTeams: Spring 2009 Gallery forthcoming.

    SPRING 2009: Now in its 5th semester, SMArT involves twelve pairs of college students and ESE students from Cooper. Every Monday, Biology major Anna Frankel keeps everything running smoothly as students inquire about diverse topics from eggs to brain freezes to roller coasters. Look for the Poster Achievement Party in April.

    FALL 2008: During the Fall of 2008, Erica Navaira, a Biology & Psychology double major, helped coordinate 13 pairs of students from Cooper Elementary which represented a new partnership. Erica hopes to pursue graduate studies in neurobiology and start her own SMArTeam one day.

    SPRING 2008: During the Spring of 2008, Amanda Mohammed, a Biology major, helped coordinate 15 pairs of students that worked on inquiry projects in a lab at Southwestern.

    SPRING 2007: These are pictures from SMArTeams at Williams Elementary. We ran SMArT at Williams for two semesters before deciding to bring the kids to Southwestern for the program.

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