Selected Conference Presentations


“Cleaning the Yard: Dirt, Nature, Race and Modernity in Rural Belize” for panel, “Rubbish or Not,” American Anthropological Association 107th Meeting, November 2007, Washington, D.C.


Co-organizer, Panel “Environment, Culture and Power in Latin America,” Latin American Studies Association Congress. San Juan, Puerto Rico 15-18 March 2006.


“International and National Conservation Efforts, Community and Race: Lessons from Belize” for Panel: “Environment, Culture and Power in Latin America,” Latin American Studies Association Congress. San Juan, Puerto Rico 15-18 March 2006.


“’Hewers of Wood’: Culture and Nature on the Margins, British Honduras 1750-1850” for panel, “Forest History in Latin AmericaAmerican Society for Environmental History, March 2004, Victoria, British Columbia.

“Ethnicities and Ecologies: The Making of Race and Place in Colonial British Honduras” at the Second Annual Conference on Race and Place, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, March 7-9, 2003.


“Ambivalent Landscapes: Environments, Justice and Anthropology in the Lower Rio Grande Valley” for Panel “Environmental Justice: At Home and Abroad,” with Southwestern Students, American Anthropological Association 101st Annual Meeting, New Orleans, November 20-November 24, 2001


“Lands, Identities and Imaginations: Mapping Belize” for Panel “Change and Continuity in Property Regimes: Alternative Histories and Theories of the Commons” American Anthropological Association 100th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., November  28-December 2, 2001


“Race, Color and the Natural Environment in the Afro-Caribbean History of Belize” for Panel “The African Diaspora and the Environment”  American Society for Environmental History’s Into the Next Millenium: The Past and the Promise of Environmental History, Tacoma, Washington, March 16-19, 2000


“The Nature of Ecotourism Encounters in Rural Belize” for Panel “Articulating ‘Timeless’ Pasts with ‘Ethical’ Futures to Remedy the Evils of Modernity, American Anthropological Association 98th Annual Meeting, Chicago, November  17-21, 1999.


"The Crooked Course of Conservation in Crooked Tree" for Panel "Global Conservation and Local Communities in Developing Countries" Environmental History Across Boundaries:  American Society for Environmental History Biennial Meeting, April 14-18, 1999, Tucson, Arizona


 “Constructing a ‘Home’ in ‘Foreign:’ Belizean Women Negotiating Race, Color, Class and Gender in Chicago,” for Panel, “Can’t Leave Home Without It: Narrating Identity in Women’s Transgressive Travels,” American Anthropological Association 97th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Dec 2-6, 1998.


“Placing Crooked Tree” for panel: “The Experience and Politics of Place, or Making Sense Out of Place” American Anthropological Association 96th Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C., 22 November 1997.


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