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I study geometric analysis and PDEs. I am most interested in mean curvature flow, specifically in the classification and rigidity of self-shrinking and self-translating solitons of mean curvature flow. More generally, I am interested in minimal or constant mean curvature submanifolds, the Isoperimetric Problem in Euclidean and Gaussian spaces, and related topics in geometric analysis.

I received my PhD from JHU in 2015 under William Minicozzi (MIT website - JHU website). My thesis work was on a generalization of MCF self-shrinkers called "lambda hypersurfaces". Specifically, I proved several rigidity results about these surfaces.

Teaching History

I love teaching and exploring teaching as scholarship. Here are a few things I have done to practice and improve: Here is a list of previous courses I have TAUGHT (as the instructor): Here is a list of previous courses I have TA'd:

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