Dr. Therese Shelton
Associate Professor
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
Southwestern University
Georgetown, TX

The Same Difference: the spread of rumors, catching the flu, and more math
A research rotation for Southwestern's Science Training and Education Program or

Description that the students saw to decide between session offerings:
What do gossip and disease have in common? Come and learn the mathematics that describes them both. We will use the computer to virtually spread disease or rumors, perform computations, and create graphs. No previous computer skills are needed. Students will present our simulations and their meaning.

I had two great groups of students, and we met in the small computer lab MBH 118.
One group of 4 students met Jun 11-15; the other group of 3 students met Jun 18-22. As we went, we wrote a description of our procedures and results in Microsoft Word. Our breaks included fun calculator tricks.
In general, this is what each group did:

Session 1

Session 2

Session 3 (a shorter session)

Session 4

Sessions 5 and 6

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Fri, Jun 29

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