The Computer Lab
A Multimedia Classroom and Computer Lab

Southwestern University Georgetown, Texas 78626 Phone: 512-863-6511

The Computer Lab located on the second floor of the Olin Building is a dual-purpose facility. Weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm it is a regularly scheduled classroom. After hours and on weekends, this facility is used as a student drop-in lab. There are twenty-four (24) student computer workstations providing an interactive learning environment for the student and an versatile teaching classroom for the instructor.

This classroom provides the same AV/Presentation capabilities as the Psychology Lab and the Electronic Classroom located on the same floor. Instructors have the ability to call-up computer programs for instruction and demonstration, video tape for viewing behaviors, situations and documentaries pertaining to the class material. Also the document camera provides the ability to project any document, map, chart, or 3-D object for the class discussion and evaluation.

Software Packages such as StatView, SPSS, MatLab, Mathematica and Powerpoint are available for the instructor's use. All computers in the classroom are connected to the campus computer network for sharing and retrieval of files across campus. These stations are also connected to the Internet and the World Wide Web through the use of the Netscape Web browser. This capability makes available the ability for learning experiences to be enhanced with material drawn from the full resources of the Internet.

Dr. Richard Denman's Computer Organization class uses the Turbo Assembler, Debugger and Linker software and the C compiler to study the interworkings internal to a computer system. His Introduction to Computing students are introduced to the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel and Access). They also use the Netscape browser, gopher and ftp to examine the World Wide Web. Also, both the Windows and Mac operating systems are demonstrated.

Dr. James Hunt of the Education Department is teaching for the first time this semester a course titled Educational Technology. This course is training (future) K-12 teachers how to integrate computer presentations into classroom instruction using such software as Kid Pix, Hyperstudio and Clarisworks. Dr. Hunt is also demonstrating the resources of the World Wide Web that are available for the K-12 classrooms.

Dr. Kendall Richards uses the Mathematica software to illustrate the graphical representation and the analytical examination of functions in his Calculus I and Calculus III classes. The software allows Dr. Richards to display on the computer monitor(s), and/or the large screen, animations of concepts and 3-D surfaces that would otherwise be difficult to visualize.

Dr. David Naumann teaches the Computer Science classes Data Base Management, Introduction to Programming and Algorithms.

The Computer Lab features twenty-five (25) Powermac 7500/100s with PC-DOS compatible cards located at the student desks and at the Instructor console. The AV equipment for use by the instructor includes:

The instructor uses a control panel located at the console to select a particular audio and/or video source as input (including computer video and sound). The audio is directed to the sound system and the video to the ceiling-mounted Electrohome CRT Video/Data projector for display on the large screen at the front of the room.

A wall-jack connection on the back wall lets the instructor at the console control panel conduct slide presentations using cart-mounted slide projector. A dual-speaker sound system complements the multimedia video systems.

Another system unique to this classroom is the Tech Commander RGB 200, a sophisticated control and display routing system that allows the instructor to monitor and route any computer display from one station to another or to all stations. Using this system the instructor can select a student workstation and display its image on the large screen for viewing by the entire class. In addition to the routing feature, the instructor at the console can gain control of an individual student's computer to demonstrate a particular concept or assist with a problem.

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