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artistic interests

oil painting, crochet sculpture, Posca marker, pen and ink, charcoal, conte crayon, gouache, sumi ink, wire sculpting, cheesecloth and wax, plaster molds, pottery, photography, anamorphisms, stencil graffiti, wood carving, stone carving, mathematics, legos, performance art, endurance art, activist art, Goldsworthy-esque land art, interactive art, conceptual art, postmodern, metamodern, hyperrealism, Dadaism, appropriationism.
selected artwork




Random creations

Semi Series

piano arrangements
I've recently started making piano arrangements, especially of Radiohead songs. These are made with freeware, MuseScore. Feel free to download these for your personal use.

Radiohead - I Want None Of This

Radiohead - You Never Wash Up After Yourelf


2012: Dissected Crochet Pigeon, yarn and polyfil, 8.5inX5.5inX3in, Interdisciplinary Craft as Art,  Mary Alyson Atkins, Andja Budincich, and Emily Manning's King Creativity Project.

2006: Self-Portraits as Other People's Preconceptions, installation of eight paintings, oil on canvas, 60inX36in, Evoke/Invoke/Provoke, Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman's A Multimedia Project of Discovery, Cohen Gallery. 

2004: Meret's Nambu, painting, oil on canvas, 50inX30in, Sarratt Student Art Show.

2002: Mentally Bound, sculpture piece, wax; cheesecloth; wood; chicken wire, 52inX25inX28in, University of Louisville Student Art Show.


2012: Southwestern University Math Professor Receives $69,432 NSF Grant: Grant will help fund new textbook on projective geometry and art, Southwestern news article, 9/13/2012.

2008: V. Wylder, K. Fredericks, Evoke/Invoke/Provoke, Case Study of Judy Chicago's Feminist Pedagogy, Vanderbilt University, Spring Semester 2006 Florida without Borders, the Intersections of the Local and Global, edited by K. Masters, J. Hayden, K. Vaz, Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

2007: S. Knowles, Judy Chicago and Donald Woodman at Vanderbilt, Sculpture Magazine, March 2007 issue Vol. 26 No. 2.

2006: D. Maddox, Chicago in Nashville, Nashville Scene article, 4/13/2006.