Analysis of Interview and Observation


The interview should include open-ended questions about the teacher’s use of computer-based technology. Try to get them to talk about what they do, what works, what problems and constraints they have, what they would like to do, what kind of support they receive, what kind of support they would like, how it helps children learn (if it does) etc.


Observe students using computer-based technology. Collect descriptive information about how the technology is being used. Type of lesson, degree of integration of content knowledge with technology skills, cognitive level of task, resources, limitations, successes, and problems.


This paper is an analysis of the qualitative data that you collected during your interview and observation. It is important in reporting qualitative information to provide a context of the setting and the author. Begin the paper with a description of the school, students, teacher, and community. Also discuss your perspective on best practice with technology for the grade level you observed. That is where are you coming from–what are your beliefs about the use of technology. The body of the paper should then be an analysis of what you learned. Describe what you saw and discuss any themes or ideas about the use of technology that grew from what you learn. Finally your conclusion, as well as summarizing your paper, should discuss what you saw in relation to the November readings and your perspective on educational use of technology.


You will use PowerPoint to support your presentation of your paper to the class. It should contain highlights of your paper including the context of the school, your perspective about the use of technology, your analysis and summary of what you learned, and a conclusion/discussion.



Paper and Presentation Response Sheet


Context and Setting:

(Describe school, students, teacher, and community)

Author’s perspective on educational technology


(What you saw, learned, and emergent themes)


(Summary and discussion)

Presentation Comments


Paper Grade_____/15             Presentation Grade____/5