Homework Ciruits 2 Due April  24, 2008
Majority circuit

This homework, when submitted, must be accompanied by its grading sheet.

Use Logg-o to construct a majority circuit.  Here is the scenario:

We have three voters, A, B and C, voting on an issue which will either pass or fail.  We wish to construct a circuit that will model this scenario, as follows:

A majority circuit is defined as follows: Your circuit diagram will look like the following:

Inputs:                                                    Gates:                       Output:

A (switch on or off) ----------------->

B (switch on or off) ----------------->         (you fill in)                        -----------------> pass (light on) or
                                                                                                                         fail (light off)
C (switch on or off) ----------------->

Do this:

Submit: your printout