French Music Today: “La nouvelle chanson française”

Prevots, Aaron. Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX. June 2008.

Lonely Planet Paris mentions the following as being “among the most exciting performers of this genre” (Steve Fallon, Lonely Planet Paris, Oakland, CA: Lonely Planet, 2004, 30). The amazon.fr links can be handy for RealPlayer audio samples. RFI Musique also has extensive overviews and the occasional audio clip under “Discographies.” Le Hall de la Chanson has an interesting virtual exhibit entitled 20 ans de Chansons Actuelles. Fnac.com offers a general A-Z list of artists in the category “Chanson française. See also Francparler.org. Recent free videos can be found at http://www.caderia.com/.

Brown University’s Department of French Studies maintains an A-Z guide with many links.

Elores.com features an excellent overview of current artists and genres.

Ludovic Perrin has written an excellent reference guide that features an accompanying CD: Une nouvelle chanson française : Vincent, Carla, M et les autres, Presses de la Cité, 2005.

Bénabar (see also this Artelio portrait & Radio-Canada’s audio interview clips)

Dominique A

Jeanne Cherhal


Têtes Raides (see also this fluctuat.net interview)

Thomas Fersen; official site with audio, video, critics’ views, interviews

Vincent Delerm; Radio-Canada page; official site

And a few other recent artists:

Benjamin Biolay

Cali; Radio-Canada page; official site

Jérémie Kisling