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Prevots, Aaron. Southwestern University, Georgetown, TX. October 2006.

The following selective links emphasize artist home pages and overviews from Radio-Canada Répertoire d’artistes - Chanson and Québec Info Musique - Artistes. For more samples of musical groups and styles, Archambault.ca, Bluetracks.ca and Poste d’écoute.ca are helpful. For francophone media links, visit Globe-Gate. Some Radio-Canada pages feature additional audio or video interviews. For recent years’ best new artists, see also Sacré talent! Much background information on music in Québec can be found at Chansonduquebec.com.

Look also for related articles here on this site, including for example “Quand la chanson québécoise se taille une place en France” and “Introduction à l’étude de la chanson québécoise“, both by essayist and former radio host Jean-Nicolas de Surmont.

Anik Jean

Annie Dufresne, a rock ‘n roller; more info

Ariane Moffatt; more info; official site

Beau Dommage, including audio interview tributes from fellow Canadians; more info

Charles Dubé, including audio and video interview clips in the “boîte à surprises”; official site

Damien, a rapper; official site with audio and video clips; Bluetracks.ca

Daniel Bélanger; more info; official audiogram.com site featuring this and other artists

Daniel Lavoie; more info; official site

Diane Dufresne; official site

- Ève Cournoyer, including “boîte à surprises” video interview clips; official site

Félix Leclerc; more; Fondation Félix-Leclerc

Francofolies de Montréal, festival de la chanson francophone

Geneviève Bilodeau; official site

Gilles Vigneault; dossier spécial; more info; official site

Isabelle Boulay; more info; mellow tones at her official site

Jean Leloup; more info; official site

Jim Corcoran; more info; article; official audiogram.com site

Jorane; more info more info; official site

Laurence Jalbert; more info; official site

Les Breastfeeders, catchy grinding rock pop, see also the “boîte à surprises” video interview clips; ; official site - si vous aimez le rock, écoutez les tounes

La Bottine Souriante; more info

Les Chauffeurs à pieds; more info; their Québécois trad and folk links

Les Colocs; more info

Les Cowboys Fringants, chansons engagées

Loco Locass, “groupe rap francophone de Montréal politiquement engagé”; video clips; see also Wikipedia; a word on their “rapoésie” and fan comments

Lynda Lemay; official site, includes audio and video

Mara Tremblay; more info; official audiogram.com site

Marie-Jo Thério; official site

Marie-Marine; more information

Mes aïeux; see also Wikipedia

Michel Rivard; more info; official audiogram.com site

Monica Freire, Franco-Brasilian electronica

Mort de rire; official site

Nadia Gaudet, including “boîte à surprises” video interview clips; her MySpace page, with spare tender solo tunes where she accompanies herself on piano

Paul Piché; more info;

Pierre Lapointe, including “boîte à surprises” video interview clips; 2006 audio interview; more info; official site

Philémon, including “boîte à surprises” video interview clips

Richard Desjardins; more info; official site

Sandra Le Couteur

Stefie Shock; more info; official site

Vincent Vallières; official site

Yann Perreau; more info; official site, including audio, video and texts

Monsieur Lambert, le Bébert Orchestra; more info