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Evolutionary Computation in Minecraft

This page presents research in Search-Based Procedural Content Generation (specifically with Evolutionary Computation) done by undergraduate students Alejandro Medina, Mark Mueller, and Melanie Richey as part of Southwestern University's Summer research program SCOPE. The research makes use of the EvoCraft API to instantiate blocks in Minecraft. There are two major projects. The first is an interactive evolution system developed in Python that is available here: EvoCraft SCOPE Repository. The second major project focuses on evolving flying machines with Quality Diversity algorithms in Minecraft using the MM-NEAT software package.

Select videos are below, but a playlist of even more is available here.

Promotional Video about Evolutionary Computation in Minecraft

A highlights video of work in Minecraft designed to be shared with undergraduates.

Behavior of a typical rightward moving flying machine

Behavior of an interesting upward moving flying machine

Evolved using MAP-Elites with the Piston Orientation behavior characteristic.

Flying Machines From One Archive Evolved With Block Count Behavior Characterization and the Original Block Set

Flying Machines From One Archive Evolved With Piston Orientation Behavior Characterization and the Observer Block Set

Video Poster Presentations for South Central Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges

Poster on interactive evolution.

Poster on evolving flying machines.

Associated Publications

Peer-Reviewed Conference Publications

Dagstuhl Reports

Undergraduate Poster Presentations Supervised

Associated Movies and Images

Miscellaneous Content

  • Spring 2023: Evolving Flying Machines in Minecraft Using Quality Diversity, presentation by Alejandro Medina, Melanie Richey, and Mark Mueller at the Southwestern University Undergraduate Research & Creative Works Symposium
  • Summer 2022: Generating Structures with AI in Minecraft: SCOPE Research Presentation made by my SCOPE Summer research students to present to other SCOPE students

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