A Virtual Exhibit Devoted to the Critical Analysis and Production of Visual Materials

Produced by Students in Bob Bednar's Visual Communication class in the Department of Communication Studies at Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas


This site is set up as a virtual gallery. You are now in the central "space" in the gallery, an exhibition of Student Projects produced in the Visual Communication class at Southwestern University.

Each Student Project site unfolds according to its own hypertextual structure, but at the bottom of each of the project home pages you will find a link back to this central Southwestern netWorks virtual exhibit page.

Emma Aird


Jenn Allen
Eiffel Tower =
Paris France


Nick Alter
A Visual Exploration


Julie Bartrip
Tennis Advertising:
Nike vs. Adidas


Allie Beito
Analysis of
Honda CR-V Leap List ads


Dane Beyer
You Are
What You Drink


Rosalie Bonner
Analyzing Imagery
of the Cricifixion


Le Loni Brown
Female Intuition:
Semiotic and Psychoanalytic Approaches


Kendal Buechler
Analyzing Willow Creek
Golf Course


Alana Buenrostro
Visual Culture & Tourism
in Contemporary Mexico


Grant Cain
Following the Signs
at the Austin Airport


Melina Cantu
Spatial Analysis
of Sephora Stores


Elliott Carter
The Visuality
of Hardcore Punk


Kat Daniel
What's Sexy Got to Do With It?
Media Images of Female Athletes


Kelsi Darr
Visual Analysis of
Project Runway


Danielle De Los Santos
Discourse Analysis of
Catholic Church Spatial Practices


Shelley Dormont
Visual Analysis of a
Viral Social Justice Campaign


Austin Dyer-Westacott
Unlocking the Rings:
Visual Analysis of London's Olympics


Jessica Enyioha
Skin Color:
Does it Matter?


Karla Esquivel
Just Think cK:
The Semiotics of Sex


Danielle Ezzell
The Heteronormativity


R. Michael Flatley
The Commodification
of Hip Hop


Jessica Gallegos
Cemetery Spaces


Alex Gartman
Whole Foods


Brady Granger
The Art of
Shepard Fairey


Erica Grant
Discourse of
The "Lean In" Collection


Jessica Hager
Heteropolitan Magazine:
Heteronormative Discourse in Cosmopolitan


Arianna Haradon
Sex, Signs,
and Parodies


Corin Harmon
America's Next Top Model:
Discourse, Psychoanalysis, & Audiencing


Teryl Henderson
Believing in Barbie:
Buying, Being, & Building the Icon


Lauraly Hernandez
Reviving Analog Instant
Film in the Digital Age


Lindsey Iltis
The Girls Next Door:
Psychoanalysis, Audiencing, and Discourse Analysis


Tony Irizarry
Visualizing Masculinities
in Maxim and GQ


Jessica Jackson
Interpellating an Audience:
Travel Advertisements in Women's Magazines


Dempsey Jones
It Lies Within Your Hands:
Apple and Interpellation


Kassie Juenke
Street Photography


Charlotte Law
Vice, Youth, and
Alternative Culture


Judy Le
Graffiti is Art


Daniel Lindenberg
Visualualizing the Holocaust:
Holocaust Museum Houston


Robert Loomis-Norris
Tech Start-Ups
A Semiotic/Discourse Analysis


Bobbi Lowry
Kony 2012:
Anatonomy of a
Media Campaign


Zach Lynch
Analysis of the
Sports Illustrated
Swimsuit Issue


Caitlin Marr
Alfred Hitchcock:
A Visual Analysis


Kevin Masters
Blood in Horror Movies:
A Visual Analysis


Nora Maus
Sex Sells Activism:
A Visual Analysis of PETA's Advertising


Lili McEntire
Animated Films:
Not Just For Kids Anymore


Colin Malone
Audiencing and Visuality
in Video Games


Michael Morgan
Progressive Traditions:
A Visual Rhetorical Analysis
of Southwestern's Admissions Building


Maryhelen Murray
What Makes
Iconic Photographs


Austin Painchaud
You're Seeing Things:
QR Codes & Augmented Reality


Tyler Pratt
Revealing the Secret
of Commercial Masculinity


D. Carolina Ramos
Disney Princesses
and Female Acculturation


Tyler Rankin
Bodies, Manhood,
and Men's Health


Daniel Reifsnider
Goodwill Computer Museum


Eleysa Richards
Then and Now


Makenzie Richardson
Visual Analysis of
House of Cards


Reilly Robertson
Visualizing Vampires


David Evan Rodriguez
of Slain Youth


Lorena Saenz
The Visual Discourse
of Abortion in America


Sloane Sander
The Discourse of
People Magazine


Mikaela Santini
Linking Identity With Culture


Jasmine SayGan
Fabian Perez, Prostitution,
and Art


Eleanor Schorre
A Visual Analysis


Blake Scott
Examination of
The Wolf of Wall Street


Dyana Shearer
Helluva Hole:
Commercializing Resistances
in Cavern Tourism


Madison Simmons
Visualizing "Home"


Phillip Smith
The Visuality
of Comics


Katy Sternenberg
Marketing Hegemony


Julie Stewart
Control Tonight?
Analysis of an Anti-Alcohol Ad Campaign


Ellen Suh
Sports Spectatorship
and Fanaticism


Tiffany Teters
Murder in Mexico:
Femicide and Gender Injustices


William Thomas
Castaway Culture:
Debris, Aesthetics, & Materiality


Helene Thompson
Discourse Analysis
of Gendered Grooming


Kristin Treurniet
Dove's ProAge Campaign:
The Power of Beauty Discourse


Kamna Tripathi
A South Asian
Diasporic Study


Lizette Villarreal
Performing Femininity in Politics:
Hillary Clinton vs. Sarah Palin


Gina Watts
Roadtrip Nation:
Manufacturing Adventure


Catie Willis
The London Olympics
Anti-Doping Campaign


Elizabeth Wong
The Secret That Sells:
Victoria's Secret Advertising


De'Andre Woods-Walker


Christina Woodworth
Buffy the Vampire Slayer:
A Look at Gendered Roles


Brittany Zimlich
"Chick Flicks":
A Discourse Analysis



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